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Further photos of WaLUE events can be found in our picture collection.

Final WaLUE-Workshop September 2018

Final WaLUE-Workshop from 10th to 12th September 2018 in Chennai, India

The project results and their implementation as well as the guidebook were very well received at the workshop. [more ...]

WaLUE Workshop May 2017

WaLUE-Workshop from the 9th to the 12th of May, 2017 in Tiruvannamalai, India

During the on-site mission before this final workshop a visit of the municipal administration in Tiruvannamalai took place. [more ...]

WaLUE Workshop and On-Site Mission in November 2016

From 17. November 2016 until 24. November 2016 a WaLUE On-Site Mission with participants from Dorsch, GWFA, IEEM, KIT and WILO SE has been undertaken in Chennai, Tiruvannamalai.

On the first day of the WaLUE Mission the new employee, Mr S. Ramajayam has been introduced into the Project and his tasks were talked about. [more ...]

Awarded the project as best practice case at the Annual Meeting in Frankfurt in May 2016

WaLUE Project Meeting at KIT

On 19. February 2016 a WaLUE Project Meeting with participants from Dorsch, GWFA, IEEM, KIT and SebaKMT was held at KIT in Karlsruhe, Germany.

During this Project Meeting the results of the On-Site Mission in December 2015 as well as the actual status of the working packages were presented. Additional topics of this meeting were the scheduling and the further progress as well as the improvement of the project work.

The results of this successful event were an even more efficient cooperation, an improved documentation and the scheduling of a new On-Site Mission.

WaLUE On-Site Mission December 2015 and IGAWE Workshop

From 07. December 2015 until 11. December 2015 a WaLUE On-Site Mission with participants from Dorsch, IEEM and SebaKTM took place in Chennai, Tiruvannamalai.

The conversation with the commissioner of the city - Mrs Sulthana - dealt with the further support for the working packages of the WALUE mission. Yet, even though only very few employees were available at that time due to the fact that there was a flooding in the provincial capital and thus lots of workers were assigned to help there, Mrs Sulthana assured the project partners of her on-going support. [more ...]

WaLUE Workshop at IEEM in Witten

On 27. May 2015 a WaLUE Workshop with participants of Dorsch, GWFA, KIT, SebaKMT, IEEM and WILO SE took place at IEEM in Witten.

During this meeting the actual intermediate steps of the WaLUE partners as well as the results of the last On-Site Mission in March 2015 were presented and adjusted. Additionally the further proceedings and the cooperation when processing the upcoming work packages were determined. Furthermore the participants decided to undertake another On-Site Mission for finding the leakages at Tiruvannamalai and started planning this mission.

WaLUE On-Site Mission March 2015

From 15. March 2015 until 19. March 2015 a WaLUE Mission with participants from IEEM, KIT, Dorsch, SebaKMT and WILO SE was carried out in Chennai, Tiruvannamalai.

During this On-Site Mission first a survey of pilot zone 6 as well as of the high level tank, which is still under construction and is to replace the present direct supply of the area through the Samudram Eri pumping station, has been carried out (Picture below). [more ...]

WaLUE Project Meeting at Seba Dynatronic Measuring and Localisation Technology GmbH

On 14. November 2014 from 08:00 am to 02:00 pm a WaLUE Project Meeting took place with participants from Dorsch, IEEM, KIT and Seba at Seba Dynatronic Measuring and Localisation Technology GmbH.

During this meeting the WaLUE project partners talked about the actual state of the work and eventual obstacles the partners might face when processing certain working packages. Furthermore the progress was adjusted to the schedule and the further proceedings as well as new deadlines were determined. Additionally the project partners discussed new work steps and their responsibilities towards these.

Second WaLUE Workshop in India, September 2014

The second WaLUE Workshop in India took place one year after the initial Workshop that marked the start of the project in September 2013.

The workshop opening address was held by Municipal Chairmans, Mr. M. A. Balachandar, and acting Municipal Commissioners, Mr. P. Jothi Mani. [more ...]

WaLUE On-Site Mission June and July 2014

Installation of a monitoring system in the pilot zones 5 and 6 of Tiruvannamalai's water supply network

The technical WaLUE project team implements the monitoring system of Tiruvannamalai's water supply network from June to July. [more ...]

WaLUE On-Site Mission March 2014

Site-Visit of the pilot zones 5 and 6 in the municipality of Tiruvannamalai discussion about the upcoming challenges and objectives of the WaLUE project

During the on-site mission in Tiruvannamalai WaLUE's pilot zones were visited including the Thamarai Nagar elevated tank (capacity 150,000 litres) which provides pilot zone 5 with water. The following satellite images show the pilot zones 5 and 6 including subzones. [more ...]

WaLUE On-Site Mission in December 2013

A WaLUE On-Site Mission was conducted in Chennai, Tiruvannamalai from 2013-11-30 to 2013-12-13 with participants from IEEM, Dorsch and KIT.

The On-Site Mission was focused on the initial assessment in the pilot area and the analysis of the current water loss situation. For this purpose, additional data was collected (especially on the economic side) and verified. Additionally, test measurements in the potential pilot zones for water loss reduction activities were carried out.

WaLUE Kick-Off Meeting in September 2013

A WaLUE Kick-Off Meeting was held in Chennai, Tiruvannamalai from 2013-09-23 to 2013-09-26 with participants from IEEM, SebaKMT, Wilo, AIM, Anna University in Chennai and the Government of Tamilnadu.

During the Kick-Off Meeting several workshops and site visits as well as a sightseeing tour through Anna University were organised, providing the opportunity for everybody involved in the WaLUE project to meet each other on a personnel level and to build the "WaLUE-Network".